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You know what they say…



I know I don’t look like much.
Almost like one gentle touch
would break a bone.
And I know you’re worried I might break.
As if one blow is all it’d take
to make me fall to pieces.
I see that everyone is doubting me.
Living with an ideology
that small things are not powerful.

You know what they say about assumptions.
Watch me conquer your presumptions
and then laugh at you.

You big asshole.

{via daily prompt: assumption}

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see ya depression

Well this is awkward…
You caught me with my mask off.
Sun-kissed wind caress,
face exploding in a soft
laugh, forgetting the mess
of daily life.

Well this is awkward…
I forgot to care about you this morning.
Blinded by free happiness
and forgot I’m in mourning,
but I just don’t miss

I think I’d rather love myself instead.

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IMG_0663 (2)

to imbue with some pernicious belief, opinion, etc.; to influence feeling or action

Slithering snake of society,
Tactless tundra of intolerance,
You think you control me?
You think you hold the strength
to infect me with your filth?
Incessant ideologies of ignorance,
Persistantly trying to penetrate, and yet
Your walls do not close on me.
I am a warrior woman.
Strong in stature and stamina
Blasting through your bullshit.
Fuck your fake foolish fantasies
About who I’m meant to be.
Do not think for one moment that you
Hold the power to infect me.

via Daily Prompt: Infect

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bdsm gospel

Intoxicated with desire
And you’re the designated driver, yeah
I’m not afraid, ’cause I’m a rider, yeah
Ain’t nothing wrong with feeling right, so won’t you
Scream, at the top of your lungs, everybody’s feeling right 

push me up against the wall. i’m tired of
feeling invisible, remind me I am here.
be rough with me baby, you know
i like it. my hair wrapped in your fist as you
speak devilish words in my ear.
bdsm gospel.
i never have believed
in a higher power but you have me seeing
stars. that thigh in between my legs is a
staircase to heaven that
i could ride forever.

[italicized lyrics at beginning are from “Scream” by Timbaland]