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I knew [his voice]

{preamble: this is a counterpart to “imagine my surprise”┬ábut written from my partner’s perspective. i chose to do this in response to the napowrimo day 2 prompt <3}

I knew you were hurting when my compliments turned your eyes to rivers
like you never knew such undivided kindness
like you never knew the miracle that shines through your very being.

I knew you were scared when my commitment seemed like fantasy
like you could not imagine the longevity of my love
like you painted loyalty and fairytales with the same brush.

I knew you were yearning when your tears were unpredictable
like asking for help was a hand on your throat
like you were stranded on ice slowly cracking from the weight of it.

I knew you were trying when you peeled yourself from rock bottom
like you knew how much I worshipped you
like you saw the light that flickered through it all.

I knew you were worth it from the moment I laid eyes on you.