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limitless or endless in space, extent, or size; impossible to measure or calculate
maybe I don’t need to see a galaxy in your eyes.
maybe eternity can’t be fished in others,
an upstream battle with unpredictability that
can’t be caught.
and maybe I don’t need to measure myself in successes.
maybe there is more information beyond what I can comprehend,
a force that can’t be contained by the
constraints of human thought.
maybe I am infinite.
maybe my potential is limitless in nature,
impossible to understand and so
easy to minimize.
maybe you are infinite, too.
daily prompt · mental health · poem · poetry · recovery

letter to my harasser

i knew you were doped up.
i could see it in your stare.
the way you stared into nothing
with the danger glinting there.

you approached her and i watched,
ready to intervene.
a woman’s intuition from
all the things I’ve felt and seen.

instead you made eye contact,
stalked me down and sat too close
put your hand upon my knee
while I shoved and I said no.

arm comes up around my shoulders
hand going back up on my thigh
grabbing me in closer while my
anger intensified

i told you to back off
while you started up again,
fed up with your bullshit
I got up to make this end.

You see where I am going
grabbed my arm so hard it hurt
I do not break or slow my stride
you scumbag piece of dirt.

security did nothing
yet you still ran far away
don’t tell me you were too doped up
to know that’s not okay.

if you see nothing wrong with this
the problem lies with you
this shit that happens daily is
both harmful and too true.

[via daily prompt – harmful]