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bdsm gospel

Intoxicated with desire
And you’re the designated driver, yeah
I’m not afraid, ’cause I’m a rider, yeah
Ain’t nothing wrong with feeling right, so won’t you
Scream, at the top of your lungs, everybody’s feeling right 

push me up against the wall. i’m tired of
feeling invisible, remind me I am here.
be rough with me baby, you know
i like it. my hair wrapped in your fist as you
speak devilish words in my ear.
bdsm gospel.
i never have believed
in a higher power but you have me seeing
stars. that thigh in between my legs is a
staircase to heaven that
i could ride forever.

[italicized lyrics at beginning are from “Scream” by Timbaland]

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little rebel: letter to self

Put your fists down, little rebel
knuckles scarred from the struggle
eyes ablaze with the memories
skin grafted soul recovery

My hands are up, little rebel
down on my knees
slow breath from my lips
in awe of your resilience

Let me love you, little rebel
pass me a rope
I’ll climb over this distance
soothe the fire from your mind.

Let me protect you, little rebel
You are safe now.

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did you know

f u t u r e (adj)
late Middle English: via Old French from Latin futurus, future participle of esse ‘be’ (from the stem fu-, ultimately from a base meaning ‘grow, become’).

did you know that you were born from miracles?
standing on the shoulders of the mothers
born from miracles before you,
slowly standing so that we might
see higher.

did you know that you are a healer?
existing in the power of the women
who helped us get here,
maintaining life so that we might
cultivate hope.

did you know that you are a force?
surviving intersections of oppression that
tell you change is impossible,
pushing one step forward so others might
reach the finish.

did you know that you are not just the flower of generations past?

did you know that you are a seed?

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flowers and castles


standing at the base of a castle
i am reminded that life is nothing without the
seeds that grow the
plants that feed the
humans who built the
structures within which we need

how many others have stopped to appreciate the
colours that run through the
veins of you and the
connection that binds our histories together.

standing at the base of a castle and
capturing the beauty of flowers while
knowing we have
nothing and
in common.

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quarter pieces

cut me into fractions, here is how I bleed
split into parts, ready to proceed

quarter piece broken, dirty eyes down below
under guise of procedure, no heed to my no

quarter piece guarded, unbreakable wall
waiting for disasters to make landfall

quarter piece survivor, crawl on my knees
seeking sanctuary in the breadth of your trees

quarter piece traveller, passport in hand
save myself from the brink of no man’s land

i am more than the sum of these parts, i agree
but without knowing these parts you’ll never know me

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I knew [his voice]

{preamble: this is a counterpart to “imagine my surprise” but written from my partner’s perspective. i chose to do this in response to the napowrimo day 2 prompt <3}

I knew you were hurting when my compliments turned your eyes to rivers
like you never knew such undivided kindness
like you never knew the miracle that shines through your very being.

I knew you were scared when my commitment seemed like fantasy
like you could not imagine the longevity of my love
like you painted loyalty and fairytales with the same brush.

I knew you were yearning when your tears were unpredictable
like asking for help was a hand on your throat
like you were stranded on ice slowly cracking from the weight of it.

I knew you were trying when you peeled yourself from rock bottom
like you knew how much I worshipped you
like you saw the light that flickered through it all.

I knew you were worth it from the moment I laid eyes on you.